Jayne Giles

Maine State Senate candidate Jayne Giles can’t quite seem to disappear from politics completely. Back in the olden days of 2010, when you might have owned a top of the line iPhone 4S, she was a member of the Maine State House, until she made her exit and quit politics; perhaps, like the iPhone, she planned her own obsolescence. Today, at the behest of the GOP, she’s back, like retro video games, Superman reboots, and cold sores.

Jayne Giles has so many important things to do, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! During her tenure in the state House, Jayne made an art form of absenteeism. This just goes to show you what important things she had going on, things clearly more important to her than her well paid work for the people of Maine. Maybe she had tickets for One Direction! They were hot back then!

Jayne Giles skipped a number of key votes on topics as diverse and unimportant to her as civil rights for convicted criminals , expanding the state’s subsidized health insurance program, charter schools , and tax cuts for the 99% of Mainers who don’t make a one percenter income. She wasn’t gone, exactly, she was just sitting on the fence - and in this age of partisan polarization, aren’t politicians who stand for nothing at all exactly the sort of wishy-washy figures we need? These folks tried to pin down Jayne’s views but ended up with a bunch of “unknowns.”

Jayne doesn’t just disappear herself, she also likes to assist other people in disappearing. She tried to make this easy for young voters in Maine when she voted to stop college students living on campus from voting in their local elections , thus causing a big block of voters and potential voters to instantly vanish from the rolls. She also tried to make the middle class disappear by blocking tax cuts that would have helped middle class Mainers stay ahead of rising living costs.

However, Jayne’s greatest disappearing act involves some of the most vulnerable in our great state. In 2010, before the scope of opioid epidemic was fully understood by the public, Jayne attempted to nix a prescription drug disposal bill that could have helped prevent it from spiraling further out of control. Jayne had to help protect drug companies from seeing their profits disappear, and if that meant helping a bunch of addiction sufferers to just disappear - whether from the public discourse or simply from life itself - then that’s a small price to pay, isn’t it?

These days, Jayne Giles is determined to reappear, and we’re determined to help her by building her this beautiful website! Of course, it may not be around for long, if Mainers decide that perhaps this time, Jayne’s career as an elected official should disappear for good.